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Our Dogs

Our dogs enjoy farm life!  We don't kennel our dogs (except during mating) and they have about 3 acres out of our 140 acres to roam within their underground fenced area. They do a fantastic job of protecting the farm from most vermin, including coyotes. 

They love Minnesota winters, preferring to be outside in the bitter cold rather than inside their heated barn.  Our dogs don't live in our house, but Newfs do make excellent house dogs and most of our pups go to live an inside life. 

We have a 15,000 gallon Koi pond which keeps the dogs cool in the summer - they go swimming about 10 times a day when it's hot outside!

We trim their coats short in the summer as well, to keep them cool and prevent skin allergies from all the swimming they do.  Some of the photos will show them clipped and some photos will show full coats. 


Male - Black & White - 130 lbs


Female - Brown & White - 145 lbs


Female - Black & White - 110 lbs


Male - Black & White - 125 lbs


Female - Brown & White - 145 lbs 

Daughter of Leo & Claire


Female - Brown & White - 115 lbs

Daughter of Leo & Claire

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