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Puppy Purchase Price:  $2500.00 + tax

Upon signing a purchase contract, the Buyer shall pay Seller a non-refundable deposit of $300.00 for said Puppy, to be applied towards the purchase price.  If Buyer does not take possession of the Puppy within 7 days of Seller stating the Puppy is ready, or make additional arrangements with the Seller in writing and signed by both parties, Buyer shall forfeit the deposit and Seller shall be free to sell the Puppy to another party.   If Puppy dies prior to Buyer taking possession, Seller shall refund deposit.


Puppy is a purebred Newfoundland and buyer will receive necessary documents to register the puppy with the AKC for a non-breeding registration.  Buyer agrees not to use this dog for breeding, unless breeding papers are offered and purchased from the Seller. Purchase Price of the Puppy does not include any shipping or delivery services or registration fees. 

Seller shall deworm the Puppy at veterinary recommended intervals until Buyer takes possession.  Seller shall have the initial vaccinations performed between the age of 7 and 10 weeks unless directed, in writing by the Buyer, not to do so.  Seller does not remove dew claws.


HEALTH GUARANTEE:  Seller will refund the purchase price of the puppy if it is found, by a licensed veterinarian, to have any life threatening heart condition, cancer or neurological condition within 12 months of puppy's date of birth, or any crippling hip or elbow condition within 12 months of puppy's date of birth that was not caused by trauma, poor/incorrect nutrition or early spay/neuter. Buyer will transport and surrender the puppy at Seller's request. Seller certifies that upon Buyer taking possession of the Puppy, it is in good health to the best knowledge of the Seller.  Buyer shall have 5 business days from the date of possession to have the Puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian at Buyer’s expense.  If the veterinarian does not give the Puppy a clean bill of health;  Buyer must notify Seller within 24 hours, release all veterinary records,  transport and surrender the Puppy to Seller to receive a full refund or exchange if a comparable Puppy is available and both parties agree to the exchange.  Seller reserves the right to have the Puppy re examined by a licensed veterinarian at Sellers expense.  Any condition that is minor, correctable, or cosmetic will not be covered by this guarantee.  Buyer acknowledges this Puppy is being sold and warranted only as a pet and companion dog.  The Seller assumes no responsibility for this Puppy after leaving Sellers premises for any veterinary or other expense or care.  Buyer acknowledges the responsibility to feed Puppy as recommended by a licensed veterinarian for a Giant Breed.

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